Powering Innovation Through Quantum Computing

What we do

We are building full-stack superconducting application-specific quantum computers by co-designing algorithms and hardware to deliver practical solutions for high-impact problems

Why application-specific


The processor and its control software are co-designed and optimized for a specific algorithm to cut execution time by orders of magnitude

Lower Complexity and Costs

Focusing on requirements for individual applications results in configurations with fewer components, lowering capital and operational expenses and increasing reliability

High IP Security

Co-designed hardware and software are much harder to reverse engineer than algorithmic software alone; therefore, owners of such systems gain significant first-mover advantage

Our Approach

Co-designing processors, software, and the control stack in one product development process is our strategic differentiator: everything from the fundamental physics of superconducting technology to the software dynamics in a deployed system is considered


Incremental scaling of generic processor microarchitectures

Focus on applications requiring fault-tolerant processors

Unpredictable technology arrival date


Application-specific quantum processor microarchitectures

Coding and architecture follow each other

Processor physics-aware compilation techniques boost execution speed


Close collaborations with customers and deep technical understanding of their challenges are key to achieving unique application demands.


  • Logistics & Supply chain
  • Scheduling & Operations
  • Financial services

Resource reallocation and optimization problems with multiple inputs, modalities, and variables


  • Materials & Pharmaceuticals
  • Aerospace dynamics
  • Financial products

Simulation of difficult-to-predict systems, conditions, and consequences: weather, cell mutations, aerodynamics, etc.

Machine Learning

  • Risk management
  • Threat detection
  • Decision-making

Predicting and preventing situations based on a large, diverse dataset.

Our Thesis

Integrated solutions for high-value practical computation problems will offer a uniquely competitive advantage to our customers.

Ways to engage with Bleximo

Algorithm and Platform Assessment Services

We provide a range of unique and performant solutions – from quantum algorithms to hybrid and quantum-inspired offerings – to solve your hard computational problems

Packaging and Shielding Solutions

We offer everything from individual components to turn-key systems for boosting the performance of your superconducting chips and optimizing their R&D cycle

We will work with you to analyze and improve the environment within which your chips operate

Full-Stack Application-Specific Systems

We facilitate the joint development of custom end-to-end solutions for your computational challenges

Trusted by

Our fast-growing team is a unique combination of experienced specialists and young, ambitious scientists and engineers. We value our team members’ professionalism and passion to develop solutions for the toughest technical problems.


We can face the future boldly, make plans and reach new heights thanks to those who believe in us.


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