Bleximo at Skoltech on April 24: Near-term Practical Quantum Computers

Bleximo Corp. will be giving a talk at the Skolkovo Innovation Center on 24 April 2018, 16:00.

You can find more information here about the talk, and the poster is attached here.

We hope to see you there!


Quantum computing holds promise of tackling some high-value business, engineering, and scientific problems that
are impractical or impossible to solve on conventional digital computers. However, broadly advertised problems like
breaking modern encryption methods or doing “exact” quantum chemistry simulations demand universal fault-
tolerant quantum computers, which require error-free execution of long sequences of operations. While in theory this
is possible, the reality today is that such machines are very far away from being built, since error-free execution is
expected to involve millions of physical quantum bits (qubits).

Present day superconducting technology allows building near-term quantum processors containing several tens to
several hundred qubits and limited error correction. These small-scale quantum processors may be utilized in
calculations, which follow a hybrid quantum/classical approach: they will complement conventional high
performance computing systems and enable running quantum routines inside of existing computational workflows.
A new class of hybrid quantum/classical algorithms have been recently developed to leverage the capabilities of these
small-scale quantum processors. These algorithms work with circuits with limited coherence times and yield
approximate results.