Welcome to Bleximo

Thank you for keeping in touch with Bleximo and thank you for the feedback you, our supporters, will provide as we go through the Founder Institute, Silicon Valley, to hone in on early adopter customers for our specialized, first generation quantum computers.

Through a challenging and rigorous curriculum, the Founder Institute provides entrepreneurs with the structure, training, mentor feedback, global network, and a lifetime of support needed to build an enduring company. Typically, less than 30% of accepted Founders are able to make it to Graduation. We promise to be one of the graduates in April 2018!

Bleximo Corp. is building a new type of computing system. We call them “quantum accelerators” because they work in conjunction with conventional powerful computers and to tackle problems which are impractical or even impossible to solve on conventional digital computers alone. These accelerators leverage laws of quantum physics and are designed for particular problems in specific industries.

Thank you for your help!